How to See The Book of Mormon on Broadway for Cheap (Even If It’s Sold Out)

By Andre-Pierre di Plessis (Flickr: The Book of Mormon) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Book of Mormon is a Broadway hit that frequently sells out well in advance. If you have been wanting to see this musical but have had trouble finding tickets, you have other options that you may not have considered or have even known existed.

In-Person Lottery

If you are willing to get up early and wait at the box office for a few hours the day of a show, you might be able to score some last-minute discounted tickets. You can enter an in-person lottery to buy tickets to see The Book of Mormon the day of the performance starting two and a half hours before the show time. You will need to fill out a card with your name and the number of tickets you want (1 or 2), and cards will be drawn at random for the chance to purchase discounted tickets. Entries are limited to one per person, and you must be present at the time of the drawing and show valid ID to buy tickets.

Standing Room Only Tickets

Standing room only tickets are sold at the box office immediately following the lottery. If you buy standing room only tickets, you will need to stand in a numbered space the width of a regular seat. These areas are usually at the back of the orchestra section. Standing room only tickets are usually only offered if a show is sold out. You will not know in advance if a show will sell out, although some shows like The Book of Mormon often do.

TKTS Booths

Another option to buy cheap tickets to The Book of Mormon is to go to one of the three TKTS booths in New York City. You can buy tickets to Broadway and off-Broadway plays and musicals for up to 50 percent off. You should go to a TKTS booth early in the day to have the best chance to get tickets.

The Best Option? Order Tickets in Advance from

These options might help you get cheap tickets to The Book of Mormon, but they are only available the day of the show and are not guaranteed to allow you to see the musical. Many other people will also be trying to get tickets, and you could leave disappointed.

You can buy tickets to The Book of Mormon from in advance so you will be guaranteed seats for the performance of your choice. We sell discounted tickets to The Book of Mormon and many other Broadway productions. You can reserve your tickets well in advance and get good seats at a fair price so you will definitely be able to see the musical. Order tickets to The Book of Mormon from today.

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