From Nashville to Chicago: Eddie George on Broadway

chicagoWhat does a running back have in common with Billy Flynn, the lawyer from the Broadway musical Chicago? Both have been played by Edward (Eddie) Nathan George, Jr. From football star and winner of the Heisman Trophy in 1995, to television and stage actor, George had his Broadway debut in January 2016. He will play the role of Billy Flynn through the rest of this month’s performances.

Even though George won’t be expected to run anywhere cradling a football as Billy Flynn, acting and singing on Broadway require presence just as playing in an NFL football game does. Additionally, George already has some experience on stage. Since 2006, he has been developing his skills in theater, from “God’s Trombones” at the Belcourt in Nashville, to his more recent role as Othello during the 2014 Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

Chicago: The Musical

Chicago is currently enjoying its twentieth year on a Broadway stage. It’s playing at the Ambassador Theatre on West 49th Street. Other actors who have filled Flynn’s shoes since the early 2000’s include Marco Zunino, John Hurley, Wayne Brady, John Schneider, Michael C. Hall, Brian McKnight, and Kevin Richardson. The show is the longest-running American musical on Broadway.

Why catch Eddie George as Flynn this weekend? There are two shows playing on Sunday February 7, 2016—a matinee at 2:30 pm and an evening show at 7:00 pm. That way, even if you’ve never been a Super Bowl or football fan, you can tell your friends and coworkers on Monday that you saw a football legend. Get your tickets from, and see the show that’s won six Tony Awards, a Grammy Award, and six Drama Desk Awards.

A Limited-Time Experience

Eddie George will play Billy Flynn only through February 28, 2016. After that, who knows where the Renaissance man will perform next? Don’t miss your chance to see him in one of the best shows on Broadway. A football game can be recorded on DVR…but tickets to a Broadway show are an experience—one you will always remember.

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